Price List

Price List

Bath and de-shed

Small -£15 -£25 (pug, jack russle, pomeranian, chihuahua etc)

Medium- £20-£30 (spaniel, sheltie, small doodles, etc)

Large- £25-£40 (labrador, dalmation , husky, german shepherd, etc)

x-large- £35-£70 (new foundland, xl bully, leon burger, great dane etc)

The price is dependent on the size of the dog and length/coat type please message for an exact price

Bath and de-shed pamper treatment includes:

2x shampoos

1x conditioner

Blast dry/ fluff dry

De-shed/ hair removal

Nails clipped if needed

Puff of pawfume

Full groom

X-Small – £30 (yorkie, wire haired terriers etc)

Small – £35 (shih tzu, westie, lhasa, small doodles, toy poodle etc)

Medium – £40 (springer spaniel, cocker spaniel, mini poodle etc)

Large – £50 (large doodles, airdale terrier etc)

x-large- £60 (standard poodle. Large labradoodles, giant schnauzer etc)

The price depends on the size of the dog and the condition of the coat

Full groom prices include:

2x shampoos

1x conditioner treatment

1x free blueberry facial

1x blow dry/ fluff dry

Full clip style to your choice

Nails clipped (if needed)

Ears cleaned (if needed)

Puff of pawfume


Extra services

Emmi pet teeth cleaning -£15 per session or £10 per session with a full groom

Mineral sea mud bath treatment -£10 – excellent for rehydrating skin with all-natural oils that help take away any itchiness or dry spots in the cost. It is also an amazing de-sheding tool and really helps release that loose hair.

Dash of colour – from £5 – add a dash of dog-safe colour to your pooch. It really helps your dog stand out. Great fun. Good for socials also the kids will love it!

Muddy buddy’z cologne is available in the salon along with some homemade tasty treats to make your pamper session that little more special.

Hand stripping is available small from £40 (borader terrier size)

This includes the same as full groom excluding the clip and including the hand strip.

Cats wash and de-shed/ matt removal -£25-£35

Nail clip or ear – £5

Doodle trim back – £10 (for in-between grooms trim back face, bottom and feet)